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Why we are different...

We make the experience of purchasing sustainably and ethically harvested smudge sticks effortless. When you buy from our small family business you support the important and necessary preservation of the sacred plant "White Sage" (Salvia Apiana).

As caretakers of the planet, we're working to save botanicals from over-harvesting and extinction. An portion of the proceeds goes towards replanting indigenous medicines and education about care and use.

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Quality Matters Too...

Discover the uncompromising quality of each of our products. From our botanicals to our apparel, each item is crafted with care. We are very meticulous, paying close attention to each detail & every decision for all items we source.

Sage Selections
  • Healing Begins Here

    Discover the perfect blend of self-care and wellness with this brand's focus on you. Enjoy this soothing selection of nourishing botanicals, nutraceuticals, cooking essentials and fitness products.

    Our products are thoughtfully created to replenish you with the nourishing properties of plant-based ingredients, leaving you feeling invigorated, refreshed, and ethically responsible. Indulge in the perfect synergy of nature's most exceptional components, while embracing a sustainable option that promotes a healthier lifestyle and a happier Earth.

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  • Get Saged

    Experience the many facets of sage, a remarkable herb with countless applications. Whether it's adding depth and flavor to your cooking, harnessing its natural cleaning abilities, enjoying its calming effects, or creating captivating scents, sage is a truly remarkable ingredient. We take pride in sourcing our products sustainably, playing our part in protecting the crops by our replanting contribution from our proceeds.

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  • Scruff Stuff Shave Shop

    Indulge in our lush facial care with our meticulously crafted grooming essentials. Each product is designed to nourish and style your face or beard with unparalleled quality and results.

    Immerse yourself in the world of luxurious beard care with our meticulously handcrafted grooming essentials, thoughtfully created to provide impeccable care and styling for a truly distinguished look.

    We offer a range of natural and hand-made beard care products such as beard oil, balms, butters, combs, and soap. Check out our premium bench-made stainless beard combs made from the finest American Stainless Steel.

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