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Cinnamon Orange Cedar Smudge Stick

Cinnamon Orange Cedar Smudge Stick

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Smudging with White Sage, Orange, and Cinnamon Smudge Sticks brings a wealth of benefits - cleansing, invoking positive vibes, and restoring motivation. It's ideal for when you're feeling low, or need some renewed energy. Orange & Cinnamon create an atmosphere of abundance and prosperity, while White Sage protects & heals, amplifying loving energy and purification.

We ethically source from a small family business to protect White Sage from over-harvesting and replant indigenous botanicals. Together, we support small, sustainable farms and say "no" to big, commercial, and non-sustainable corporations. Our Premium Organic White Sage is harvested from our partner's own land in South East California.

Keep in mind, every item is unique - no two smudge sticks are ever identical! Though the size and color of each stick may slightly vary from the photo, you'll be sure to receive something similar in beauty.

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